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    Junior Jumpstart Visit Days

    Welcome to all interested in attending our Junior Jumpstart Visit Days: 
    Friday, Oct. 11; Monday, Jan. 20; & Friday, Apr. 24!

    We have individual visits available most weekdays, but we feel it is important to host group visit days on these special dates.

    Our Oct. 11 visit coincides with our annual Fall Festival. This is a great day to experience the energy of the busiest week of the fall and sit in on the STEM Symposium!

    Our Jan. 20 visit is on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Bethel College has a special history with Dr. King, because he spoke on Bethel's campus in Mem Hall.

    April 24 is the date of our URICA Symposium - Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Creative Activities. Experience the symposium and the many other events that occur on this special date!
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