Coding Camps


    Mathematics, Problem Solving, Computer Science, and Scratch

    Bethel College, Kansas Virtual Coding Camp

    Grades 8 – 10

    Contact:  Chuck Friesen,

    Cost: $80

    Camp #1:  June 7-11, 2021

    9:00-10:15 CDT Group Instruction

    10:15-12:00 CDT Coding Projects

    Camp #2:  June 21-25, 2021

    9:00-10:15 CDT Group Instruction

    10:15-12:00 CDT Coding Projects


    This online coding camp will focus on coding in Scratch to solve mathematics-related problems.  Polya’s problem solving model will be used throughout the camp to guide the students as they write code to solve problems.  Computer science concepts will be applied to solve these problems.  (Camp #2 is a repeat of Camp #1.)



    Coding in Scratch



    Passing Parameters

    Conditional Statements

    Random Numbers


    Nested Loops

    List Processing


    Polya’s Problem Solving Model

    1. Understanding the Problem

    2. Devising a Plan

    3. Carrying out the Plan

    4. Looking Back




    Coordinate System


    Fractals (including Sierpinski’s Triangle)

    Polygons (Regular)


    Transformations (Reflections)

    Vectors (dilations)


    Matrices, Determinants

    GCD and LCM

    Experimental vs Theoretical Probabilities

    Probability Simulations 

       (Flip coins, Roll number cubes)

    Mathematical Functions 

       (Abs, Floor, Ceiling, Sqrt, Round, Mod)

    Other Concepts

    Fee waivers are available for those who are unable to pay; email to request a waiver.


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